Title OEM Standard/delivery instruction Topic/keyword Offer link
Requirements PP/EPDM/PE VW Audi TL52035
Requirements PPE+PS VW Audi TL52013
Requirements PU foam VW Audi TL52602
Requirements PU soft foam VW Audi TL52653
Requirements PUR steering wheel foam VW Audi TL52045
Requirements PURE VW Audi TL 529/2
Requirements PVC film VW Audi TL 292
Requirements rubber Volvo STD 412-0001
Requirements rubber floor mat VW Audi TL52278
Requirements self-adhesive labels BMW GS 97058
Requirements soft PVC VW Audi TL 526
Requirements technical fabrics Daimler DBL 5867
Requirements thermoplastic elastomers ford WSS-M2D507-A
Requirements thermoplastic elastomers ford WSS-M2D507-B
Requirements TPE VW Audi VW 50123
Requirements TPE seals VW Audi TL52703
Residual dirt analysis Porsche PTL 14045
Resistance of car wash fluids Jaguar Land Rover TPJLR.52.105
Resistance sunscreen Jaguar Land Rover TPJLR.52.153
Resistance sunscreen + insect repellent ford BI 113-08
Resistance to care and cleaning agents BMW GS 97034-5 (2021-04)
Resistance to high pressure cleaners ford BO 160-04
Resistance to hydrogen sulfide GM Opel GMI 60264
Resistance to insect repellent ford DVM-0039-MA
Resistance to insect repellent Jaguar Land Rover TPJLR.52.152
Resistance to media BMW PR557
Resistance to microorganisms PPE D47 1217
Resistance to migration discoloration Jaguar Land Rover TPJLR.52.712
Resistance to migration discoloration Jaguar Land Rover TPJLR.52.209
Resistance to migration discoloration ford BN 103-01
Resistance to pressurized water jets BMW AA-0136
Resistance to pressurized water jets Volvo VCS 1029.54719
Resistance to simulated finger tip abrasion ford BN 155-01
Resistance to sulfur dioxide GM Opel GMI 60263
Resistance to sulfur dioxide GM Opel GMW 14864
Resistance to sunscreen/insect repellent GM Opel GMW 14445
Resistance to sweat Jaguar Land Rover TPJLR.52.156
Resistance to the NSS salt spray test Jaguar Land Rover TPJLR.52.252
Resistant to transport coating (wax) GM Opel GMW 14294
Road vehicles as well as tractors and machines for agriculture and forestry - Determination of the burning behavior of interior materials ISO 3795 (1989-10) Burning behavior
Rockfall test Volvo VCS 1024.7136
Rockfall test (multi-impact) BMW AA-0079
Roll peeling test VW Audi PV 2034
Rot resistance BMW PR397
Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic — Resistance to ozone cracking — Part 1: Static and dynamic strain testing ISO 1431-1 A (2017-04) Ozone resistance
Rust formation Volvo VCS 5715,1029
Salt spray Renault D17 1058
Salt spray test BMW AA-0324
Sample panels 150 mm x 190 mm; Thickness 2mm to 4mm
Sample plates with erosion structures VDI 27, 30 and 33