Title OEM Standard/delivery instruction Topic/keyword Offer link
Requirements for painted plastic parts GM Opel GMW 14797
Requirements for PE finished parts VW Audi TL669
Requirements for PET fleece absorbers VW Audi TL52613
Requirements for plastic glasses Daimler DBL 5620
Requirements for plastic mounting brackets VW Audi TL52625
Requirements for plastic parts Fiat 955253
Requirements for plastic parts Jaguar Land Rover STJLR.51.5262
Requirements for POM finished parts VW Audi TL52277
Requirements for PP external parts VW Audi TL52690
Requirements for PP materials Hyundai Kia MS 213-57
Requirements for PP materials Suzuki SES N 3211b
Requirements for PUR inserts VW Audi TL52607
Requirements for reflective layers VW Audi TL 207
Requirements for rubber parts ford WSD-M9P8-A
Requirements for self-adhesive components Daimler DBL 7906
Requirements for test plates Volvo VCS 1021.52119
Requirements for textiles in the interior BMW GS 93026-1
Requirements for thermoplastics for interior applications Daimler DBL 1224
Requirements for transport protection films Porsche PTL 5805
Requirements for upholstery fabrics VW Audi VW 50105
Requirements for vehicle interior trim parts Daimler DBL 9202
Requirements for vehicle interior trim parts GM Opel GM 2617M
Requirements for wooden parts VW Audi TL52321
Requirements hard PE VW Audi TL 533
Requirements headlight covers PC VW Audi TL52437
Requirements hot stamping foils VW Audi TL52007
Requirements labels Jaguar Land Rover STJLR.51.5182
Requirements melamine resin foam VW Audi TL52394
Requirements O-rings and seals Daimler DBL 6038
Requirements org. Glasses for lights VW Audi TL 591
Requirements PA 6 vehicle exterior VW Audi VW 50134
Requirements PA 6, GF reinforced VW Audi TL52440
Requirements PA 6.6, GF reinforced VW Audi TL52062
Requirements PA 66 vehicle exterior VW Audi VW 50133
Requirements PA, mineral reinforced VW Audi TL52288
Requirements paint exterior parts Porsche PTL 5524
Requirements painted front surfaces Scania TB4087
Requirements PC/ABS ford WSS-M4D924-B1
Requirements PC/ABS VW Audi TL52231
Requirements PMMA panels VW Audi TL52671
Requirements polypropylene VW Audi TL52283
Requirements POM VW Audi TL52476
Requirements PP VW Audi TL52388
Requirements PP VW Audi TL52221
Requirements PP VW Audi TL52452
Requirements PP VW Audi TL52639
Requirements PP film kick protection VW Audi TL52419
Requirements PP-EPDM, GF reinforced VW Audi TL52090
Requirements PP, 20% talc filled ford WSS-M4D729-A3
Requirements PP, mineral filled ford WSS-M4D729-B2