Title OEM Standard/delivery instruction Topic/keyword Offer link
Requirement Adhesive tape for TPE/elastomer VW Audi TL52223
Requirement Emission vehicle interior GM Opel GMW 16853
Requirement Emission vehicle interior Jaguar Land Rover STJLR.51.5229
Requirement Fiber fleece foam flake composite VW Audi TL52449
Requirement Knitted fabric, foam-laminated VW Audi TL52254
Requirement monolithic interior parts GM Opel GMW 14651
Requirement PET resin, glass fiber reinforced VW Audi TL 554
Requirement Pillar trim/sill plate VW Audi TL52637
Requirement Polyether PUR lightweight foam VW Audi TL52685
Requirement Thermoplastic, thermoset + elastomer PPE B62 0300
Requirements adhesive labels ford WSS-M11P65-A
Requirements aperture entry BMW PR209
Requirements ASA graft polymer VW Audi TL52311
Requirements ASA-PC VW Audi TL52652
Requirements ASA+PA VW Audi TL52673
Requirements body seals EPDM VW Audi TL52345
Requirements cellular rubber Volvo STD 1228.16
Requirements chrome-plated metal parts Jaguar Land Rover STJLR.50.5021
Requirements chrome-plated plastic parts Jaguar Land Rover STJLR.50.5151
Requirements colored interior parts ford WSS-M15P4-F
Requirements convertible top material VW Audi TL52350
Requirements coolant hose with aramid VW Audi TL52361
Requirements corrugated pipe VW Audi TL52694
Requirements corrugated pipes Volvo VCS 7411,1719
Requirements Elastomeric fuel cells Daimler DBL 6037
Requirements elastomers Daimler DBL 5571
Requirements elastomers Jaguar Land Rover STJLR.51.5301
Requirements elastomers Porsche PN 705
Requirements elastomers VW Audi VW 2.8.1
Requirements elastomers interior ford WSS-M9P8-B
Requirements emission and allergens ford WSS-M99P2222-D1
Requirements EPDM coolant hose VW Audi TL52068
Requirements EPDM seals VW Audi TL52704
Requirements fiber fleece Porsche PTL 8127-1
Requirements flock materials Fiat 955455
Requirements floor mat VW Audi TL52693
Requirements for adhesive labels Porsche PTL 4012
Requirements for adhesive labels VW Audi TL52038
Requirements for body sealing profiles GM Opel GMW 14147
Requirements for body sealing profiles GM Opel GMW 14169
Requirements for coolant-carrying components VW Audi TL52682
Requirements for damping film VW Audi TL52320
Requirements for elastomer seals VW Audi TL52065
Requirements for fine fiber fleece VW Audi TL52608
Requirements for galvanized flatware Daimler DBL 9455
Requirements for interior decorative panels BMW GS 97033
Requirements for lubricated varnish coated seals VW Audi VW 50129
Requirements for outdoor parts GM Opel GMW 14650
Requirements for painted interior parts Jaguar Land Rover STJLR.51.5381
Requirements for painted plastic parts BMW GS 94007