Title OEM Standard/delivery instruction Topic/keyword Offer link
90° peel test PPE D51 1485
Abrasion behavior VW Audi PV 3906
Abrasion resistance GM Opel GM 9150P
Abrasion resistance GM Opel GMW 14130
Abrasion resistance Abrex BMW AA-0471
Abrasion resistance flock BMW AA-0570
Abrasion resistance from high-gloss surfaces VW Audi PV 3987 (2016-11)
Abrasion resistance high gloss surfaces VW Audi PV 3975
Abrasion resistance Taber ford BN 108-02
Abrasion resistance Taber GM Opel GM 9515P
Abrasion resistance with Abrex standard tester BMW AA-0471 (2017-03)
Abrasion testing BMW GS 97034-1
Abrasion testing BMW PA-P 315
Abrasion testing VW Audi PV 3906 (2021-11)
ABS material specification Tesla Motors TM-1002
ABS requirements VW Audi TL 527
Accelerated aging GM Opel GM 9200P
Accelerated corrosion testing Volvo VCS 1027,1449
Acid stain formation ford BI 113-02
Acoustic + thermal requirements for ZSB's ford WSS-M99P32-C
Adhesion of elastomers GM Opel GMW 14757
Adhesion strength via scalpel incision BMW AA-0340
Adhesives - Determination of the peel resistance of adhesives - Roll peel test DIN EN 1464 (2010-06) Roll peeling test
Adhesives - Determination of the tensile shear strength of high-strength overlap bonds DIN EN 1465 (1995-01) Tensile shear test
Aging behavior exterior VW Audi TL52217
Aging of vehicle components in solar simulation systems DIN 75220 (1992-11) Solar simulation
Aging resistance test BMW AA-0026
Amine discoloration of sun visor VW Audi PV 3944
Amine emission GM Opel GMW 14131
Amine emission VW Audi PV 3937
Amine emission Fiat 50455/08
Amine staining Jaguar Land Rover TPJLR.52.205
Arrow drop test Fiat 50424
Artificial exposure Tesla Motors TP-0000701
Artificial weathering in Florida mode Daimler MBN 10505 (2014-04)
Artificial weathering in Kalahari mode Daimler MBN 10506 (2014-04)
Assessment of environmental simulation Saab STD 3816
Automotive interior materials - Color fastness test and aging behavior to light at high temperatures - Xenon arc light (withdrawn standard) VDA 75202 (2001-08) Light fastness test
Avoidance of pollutants VW Audi VW 91101
Ball drop test Nissan NES M0134
Ball drop test VW Audi PV 3905
Ball drop test VW Audi PV 3971
Ball drop test Opel GMW 14093-C (2011-01)
Ball drop test VW Audi PV 3905 (2015-04)
Ball drop test VW Audi PV 3989 (2020-11)
Bans on harmful substances Hyundai Kia MS 201-02
Bending behavior Fiat 50555
Bending stiffness ZSB flooring VW Audi PV 3954
Bleeding and contact discoloration GM Opel GMW 14069
Bleeding, sweat and water staining ford AN 101-01