Title OEM Standard/delivery instruction Topic/keyword Offer link
cold brittleness ford BP 106-03
Cold flexibility ford BN 102-01
Cold guideline BMW GS 93011-5
Cold storage
Color abrasion behavior BMW GS 97034-4
Color abrasion behavior BMW GS 97034-4-A (2021-04)
Color assessment Volvo VCS 1026.51729
Color assessment and metamerism BMW AA-0403
Color change in def. Amine atmosphere Daimler PAPP PWT 7329
Color comparison ford BI 109-01
Color fastness tests - Part A02: Gray scale for assessing color change DIN EN ISO 105-A02 (1994-10) Gray scale
Color fastness tests - Part A03: Gray scale for assessing bleeding DIN EN ISO 105-A03 (2020-02) Gray scale
Color fastness to rubbing GM Opel GM 9033P
Color fastness to rubbing PPE D45 1010
Color fastness to rubbing Volvo STD 423-0037
Color fastness to rubbing Volvo VCS 1026.84329
Color fastness with Xenotest BMW AA-0236
Color fastness: gray scale Volvo STD 1026.8201
Color measurement Fiat 7-M0001
Color measurement VW Audi VW 50190 (2011-01)
Color measurement on motor vehicles - Color measurement of plastic surfaces in the vehicle interior VDA 280-1 (2001-04)
Color migration GM Opel GMW 14141
Color sample tiles
Colorimetric assessment VW Audi VW 50190
Compatibility with assembly aids BMW PR562
Compressibility elastomer seal GM Opel GMW 14685
Compression hardness fiber fleece cushioning VW Audi PV 3919
Compression set foam rubber Volvo VCS 1024,11159
Condensation constant climate test BMW PA-P 208
Condensation constant climate test BMW AA-0213
Conditioning of organic materials GM Opel GMW 3221
Connection strength sealing strips GM Opel GMW 15382
Contact corrosion Daimler DBL 5527
Contact heat storage VW Audi PV3355
Coolant storage in autoclave
Corrosion cycling test BMW AA-0224
Corrosion effect - elastomers on electrolytic copper VW Audi VW 3976
Corrosion effects of textile materials Suzuki SES N 3253
Corrosion of copper by elastomers VW Audi PV 3976
Corrosion test assembly lubricant BMW AA-0469
Corrosion testing VW Audi PV 1210
Corrosion testing VW Audi PV 1210 (2016-02)
Corrosion testing Fiat 50180
Corrosion testing in the vehicle interior Daimler PB VWT 217
Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres - salt spray tests DIN EN ISO 9227 (2017-07) Salt spray
Coulometric layer thickness measurement: Metallic coatings - layer thickness measurement - Coulometric method by anodic stripping DIN EN ISO 2177 (2004-08) Determination of layer thickness
Crack resistance clear coat VW Audi PV 1502
Cream resistance VW Audi PV 3964 (2008-02)
Cream resistance BMW AA-0053 (2010-04)
Cream resistance BMW PR 556 (2014-03)