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Test for Chip Resistance of Surface Coatings SAE J400 (2012-10) Rock chip test
Test media and test aids BMW GS 94011
TEST METHOD AND REQUIREMENTS Flammability of interior materials VCS 5031.19 (2018-05) Flammability
Test method for determining the flammability of interior trim materials Opel GME 60261 (1985-01) Flammability
Test methods for plastics Suzuki SES N 3291a
Test procedure to determine the fogging characteristics of interior automotive materials SAE J1756 (2006-08) Fogging behavior
Testing of colorants - measurement and evaluation conditions for determining color differences in paints, similar coatings and plastics DIN 53236-A/-B (2018-02) Color measurement
Testing of plastics – bending test and impact test on Dynstat test specimens DIN 53435 (1983-07) Dynstat
Testing of plastics - Determination of abrasion using the friction wheel method DIN 53754 (1977-06) Taber abrasion
Testing of plastics - Determination of the viscosity number of polyethylene terephthalate (PETP) or polybutethylene terephthalate (PBTP) in diluted solution (withdrawn standard) DIN 53728-3 (1985-01) Viscosity number
Testing of plastics - Determination of the viscosity number of thermoplastics in diluted solution - Polyamides (PA) (here: without 8.3) (withdrawn document) DIN 53727 (1980-01) Viscosity number
Testing of plastics - hot storage test on molded parts made of thermoplastic molding compounds, without external mechanical stress DIN 53497 (2017-04) Warm storage
Testing of plastics - impact test (withdrawn standard) DIN 53453 (1975-05) Impact bending test
Testing of rubber and elastomers - determination of tear strength, tensile strength, elongation at break and stress values in tensile tests DIN 53504 (2017-03) Tensile properties of elastomers
Testing of rubber and elastomers - hardness testing according to Shore A and Shore D DIN 53505 (2000-08) DIN 53505
Testing scratch resistance - Part 1: Surface loading KIMW 003-1 (2013-01)
Testing scratch resistance - Part 2: Point load KIMW 003-2 (2005-02)
Tests according to Brose standards on frames (PA) Brose BN 660692301 (2017-04) V041
Tests according to Brose standards on frames (PP) Brose BN 660692301 (2017-04) V043
Tests for assessing the risk of fire - Part 2-13: Glow wire test method - Glow wire test for ignitability (GWIT) of materials DIN EN 60695-2-13 (2022-11) Glow Wire Test (GWIT)
Tests for Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Appliances UL 94 (2013-03) Burning behavior
Tests for PUR soft foam VW Audi PV3410
Tests of surface decorations of vehicle interiors Porsche PTL 5536 (2018-10) V009
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Textile glass reinforced plastics - prepregs, molding compounds and laminates - determination of textile glass and mineral filler content - calcination process DIN EN ISO 1172 (1998-12) ignition residue
Textile requirements Jaguar Land Rover STJLR.51.5361
Textiles - Color fastness tests - Part B06: Color fastness and aging to artificial light at high temperatures: test with the xenon arc lamp DIN EN ISO 105-B06 (2020-12) Hot light aging
Textiles - Color fastness tests - Part X12: Color fastness to rubbing DIN EN ISO 105-X12 (2016-11) Abrasion testing
Textiles coated with rubber or plastic - Determination of the fogging properties of automotive interior materials ISO 6452 (2021-05) Fogging behavior
Thermal desorption analysis of organic emissions to characterize non-metallic automotive materials VDA 278 (2016-05) Thermal desorption analysis
Thermal stability (geometry, appearance) Nissan NES M0131
Thermal stability (geometry, appearance) PPE D45 1139 PSA
Thermal stability (geometry, appearance) Renault D45 1139
Thermoplastic elastomers Daimler DBL 5562
Thermoplastic elastomers for outdoor use VW Audi TL52622
Thermoplastic engine air duct Daimler DBL 5408
Thermoplastic vehicle interior Daimler DBL 5404
Thermoplastic vehicle interior Toyota TSM 5754G
Thermoplastics Daimler DBL 5410
Thermoplastics engine compartment Daimler DBL 5403
Thermoplastics for outdoor use Daimler DBL 5416
Thermostability PVC VW Audi PV1300
Thickness and compressibility PPE D45 1195 PPE
Thickness and compressibility Renault D45 1195
Thread - material standard Tesla Motors TM-6004
Thumbnail hardness GM Opel GM 9507P
TOF SIMS Impurities, additives
Total carbon VW Audi PV 3341 (1995-03)
Total carbon Volvo STD 429-0003 (2005-01)
Transparency textile Jaguar Land Rover TPJLR.52.451
Underbody application requirements VW Audi TL52660