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Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) - Part 1: Tetrahydrofuran (THF) as eluent (withdrawn standard) DIN 55672-1 (2016-03) Gel permeation chromography (GPC)
Geometric Product Specifications (GPS) - Surface finish: stylus method - Rules and procedures for assessing surface finish DIN EN ISO 4288 (1998-04) Roughness measurement (non-contact)
Glass fiber reinforced thermosets Daimler DBL 5400
Gloss measurement VW Audi VW 50190 (2011-01)
Gloss measurement BMW AA-0101 (2018-02)
Greetings of surface defects in the interior Porsche PPV 4022
Greetings of surface defects sealing elements Porsche PPV 4023
Hand abrasion test BMW GS 97034-1 (2021-04)
Hardness test paint Toyota TSH 1539G
Hazardous substances according to GS 93008-1/2/4 BMW GS 93008-1/-2/-4
Headlining requirements VW Audi TL52226
Heat aging PPE D45 1234 PSA
Heat aging resistance Jaguar Land Rover TPJLR.52.352
High gloss, etched structures, other diverse applications
Hydrolysis storage
Hydrolysis test Jaguar Land Rover TPJLR.52.656
Hydrolysis test VW Audi PV 3959
Hydrolysis test BMW AA-0203
Identification test with thermogravimetry VW Audi PV 3927
ignition residue BMW GS 93011-2
Impact resistance Jaguar Land Rover TPJLR.52.002
Impact resistance according to Oesterle
Impact resistance according to Oesterle KIMW 006 (2006-07)
Indentation distance measurement (hardness) VW Audi PV3960
Individual inserts can also be made
Instrument panel requirements BMW PR 321.4
Instrument panel requirements ford WSS-M15P45-B
Instrument panel requirements VW Audi TL52296
Insulation material requirements Porsche PTL 8110
Interior Tesla Motors TM-6003
Interior air of road vehicles - Part 4: Method for the determination of volatile organic compounds from vehicle interior trim parts - Small test chamber method ISO 12219-4 (2013-04) Chamber emission
Interior chrome plating requirements ford WSS-M1P83-D1
Interior finishing materials Daimler DBL 5306
Interior moldings Hyundai Kia MS 210-05
Interior paint requirements GM Opel GMW 14867
Interior paint requirements Porsche PTL 5536
Interior paint requirements Porsche PTL 5538
Interior paint requirements Fiat MS.90053
Interior paint requirements ford WSS-M2P188-B1
Interior paneling requirements ford WSS-M15P4-E
Interior parts requirements ford WSS-M15P4-G
Interior parts requirements GM Opel GMW 14444
Interior parts requirements Jaguar Land Rover STJLR.51.5225
Interior parts requirements Porsche VW 50014
Joint liability ford BN 151-05
Lacquers and paints - Color measurement - Part 2: Determination of color metrics (withdrawn document) ISO 7724-2 (1984-10)
Leather requirements VW Audi TL52064
Liability request Interior composite parts GM Opel GMW 14892